You can make a difference.

Even the smallest contribution can change lives.

One less cup of coffee for you can mean a whole world to these children.


How ISMH started

In Kakuma Refugee Camp, there are Naath children who really do well in their primary schools
but lack support to get them to good schools and therefore they end up not utilizing that
ability. For this reason, a group of WUSC and DAFI students came together and come up with a
way they can help this type of children so that they get access to good education and reward
their hard work. Furthermore, ISMH was inspired by the need to increase the number of Naath
students who are getting the scholarship opportunities in the Camp.

High School Program

Our main focus is to provide fees and the most important supplies to brilliant primary school graduates that lack the means to afford high school education.


Lesson in Progress


Learning English

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Our Main Goals

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These kids require your help!

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